Greg Vaughn
FameRank: 4

"Gregory Lamont Vaughn" is a former Major League Baseball left fielder who played for the Milwaukee Brewers (1989–96), San Diego Padres (1996–98), Cincinnati Reds (1999), Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2000–02) and Colorado Rockies (2003). He was born in Sacramento, California, where he attended John F. Kennedy High School (Sacramento, California)/Kennedy High School. He then played baseball at the University of Miami. He is the cousin of fellow former Major Leaguer Mo Vaughn.

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I believe with all my heart that there's a new wind blowing, ... It's the spirit of reconciliation, to make things right.

From where these kids have come from, and then to have something like that make ESPN, it just makes you feel good for them. You should have seen (the high school) today. It was just great to be around.

It's a really interesting thing to see a grown man cry. It really gets to a man's heart.

It might be some neighborhood kids, ... [But] even if it's a prank, we're going to take it very seriously.

There was no question that he loved me, ... But he couldn't get the words out, 'I love you. Son, I really am proud of you.' And he just couldn't get his arms around me.

It's a big 'aha!' Once they understand how important it is, they do it. And they hit it out of the ballpark.