I really like his character. I think he's a real solid kid. All the attributes you'd say a boy scout has, he has. I don't even know if he's a boy scout, but he's honest, he's trustworthy and he's easy to talk to.

We don't know when he's going to be back. He'll be out for several weeks. That's a big deal.

I am going to miss each one of them for special reasons. Zinck, for his maturity and the forwardness in the way he practices; Coop in terms of the way he wrestles, he's just phenomenal in the practice room; Letters with his talent; and Frick with his hard-nosed attitude.

We're getting everybody back, which is really nice. Troy has been in the room working hard. Santo has been in the room working hard it's nice to have a full room again. There were times in January where we only had 15 healthy bodies.

Navy's got a good dual meet team. They have a lot of talent. They brought about 20 kids here. I was concerned, especially not having Santo and Letters.

It has been a disappointing and painful way for Troy to end his career.

Letters is antsy, but he's ready. He's been off quite a while and can't wait to mix it up with someone. He's a little nervous, too. It's been six weeks since a 'live' bout, so that's quite a mid-season break.

Troy is a little depressed. He wanted to set a school record this year, but he won't be able to do that now.