There seems to be parallel development going on among all the major players.

Over the long-term, competition in search should increase. Growth is still impressive but it's moderating.

They're trying to do a lot of different things to provide for a variety of needs out there. They've had mixed success. But there's a lot of creativity and they're striving to capture more advertisers.

The dot-com logic of paying big prices to enter new markets has come roaring back.

When instant messaging is like Las Vegas, with all kinds of advertising banners, it's very distracting.

The adoption curve will be fast because it's not something that has to be explained, ... People get it pretty quickly.

The wireless stuff is pretty far out. It'll be a few years at least before there is widespread adoption of wireless search.

This is mobile e-mail for the rest of us, who have normal or tiny screens.

This whole space is going to consolidate because it can't support lots of players. Ultimately, I expect will be acquired. It's hard to believe these companies will survive as stand-alone entities.