I see it as an assault on the entire liquor industry by neo-prohibitionists.

It was beyond my dream. I didn't realize it was going to happen last year. We had all the ingredients, but I never foresaw it.

We talk about it everyday. Whenever we get out of our guard play, we look to Derek and Rodney because they control what we do. It's not even about points. It's about controlling the boards, altering shots and all the things they do that you don't see in the stats. That's why we're successful.

Conditions were favorable for a tornado, but we dodged a bullet today.

We know that God is going to take us there.

They are a very good defensive team. I wouldn't be surprised to see a man-to-man. If they've been holding teams to that low amount of points every game, then they're probably pretty confident and they'll come out and try it.

I really like good defense. You carry confidence (on defense), and when you go to the plate, it carries over.

This is a valid public purpose. We're condemning this so residents have a grocery store within a reasonable distance of their homes.

That's Miguel for you. I know because he's done that to us personally during the regular season. You give him a second to line up for that shot and he'll kill you. He definitely kept us alive in this game.