The voting for the September and October movies indicates people want to see the following movies, 'The Lion in Winter' and 'Breaking Away.' The final movie selections for September and October will be announced at the beginning of this Thursday's movie.

The government of Canada is committed to ensuring that the country does not become a safe haven for people who have been involved in serious acts like war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism or genocide.

Prices are fluctuating wildly at the wholesale level, and in some cases it's not a question of what the marketer is going to pay, but rather they are concerned about whether they can get gasoline and diesel at all.

In fact, I'm certain that, had it not been for marijuana, I would have died.

It's not fair to them in my mind.

They are a hell of a football team. Why would I want to submit myself to play them twice in the regular season?

We know each other pretty well right now.

From my perspective, what Microsoft is doing is right on target.

We got the numbers. How many good football players we have, I'm not sure yet.