Greg Parker
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"Greg Parker" was a Professor of Photonics at the University of Southampton, Hampshire, England in September 2010 after 23 years of research and lecturing. He is now CEO of his Consultancy company Parker Technology which is detailed on the Concept2Innovation web site []. His research interests at the University included the design and construction of UHV compatible semiconductor deposition systems, and the design and fabrication of Photonic Crystal circuits and devices. Now he is involved with all things photographic including deep-sky imaging, macrophotography, microphotography, pin-hole camera photography and high-speed flash photography [] he is the designer and developer of revolutionary new ultra-high speed Xenon flash equipment. His general photographic work is featured on the Scientific Artist web site []

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In a year of record high gas prices, we grew in-store sales. This goes to prove the theory that customers would be turned off by high gas prices and not come into the convenience store is not true.

We held our own, did our job and had a lot of best times, which is something we're shooting for. We know the competition is tough with North Penn in our division, so we're trying to win but trying to do our personal best times here at the end.

I certainly understand and appreciate the resident's concern. It's a sensitive subject. It's a tough position to be in.

I knew right away. You could tell. (Hall) talks a little bit slower. I think he's trying too much to sound like Bob Sheppard and he's not doing a good job of it.

I want to win the flat-screen TV.

Last year, it seemed like everyone knew exactly what they were expected to do. We are starting to settle into that now [this season].

I thank them each day for what they're doing for both of our families.

As she moves on to Penn State, she will work her hardest to do the best she can. I believe she will be a nice addition to their team.

Lindsey has been a great competitor for Council Rock North for the past four years. She has excelled in any and every event in which she has competed.