That guy is one of the first people I would hire if I had a chance to put together a staff. He's a dedicated, organized, self-motivated guy, and a tremendous teacher.

'Spam' is the number-one issue for ISP's. It's killing them, ... This is definitely going to change the Internet.

It's almost like he was given an opportunity to say goodbye to people without knowing it.

We're cramped and stressed right now, but we'll figure out a way to make it work, ... It's been an incredible journey, running into all the little hurdles. We're very happy to get them back.

They just don't know. No one knows.

This guy just kind of wanted a change in his life. ... He thought it would be a great place to bring his boys.

Joey's been through a number of different coordinators now when you look at it. Has he ever really gotten into a system where he's been able to get in and get comfortable?