I don't view it as a risk at all.

It's like a combination of college and military training. It's not five star, you're not babied... I was expected to do whatever was asked of me. There are frequent exams and I was expected to pass the exams. I haven't had that in over 30 years, the fear we all have -- here's the test, I'd better not fail it.

They both said to me that whatever I feel now about space I will feel better when I'm up there.

Losing, it doesn't happen here. It's not accepted. That's just the way it is. Winning is the standard that's been set by the past teams, and each new team wants to live up to those standards. So expectations here are as high as ever. Every time we take the field, we expect to win.

I'll be most relaxed and happy after the rocket takes off.

Just to float in the air is such a great experience. I'm still literally on cloud nine about it.

I'm looking forward to connecting with the students to be able to share my experiences in space. I think it's very important to encourage the youth of today to dream big and let them know that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.

They kept interrupting other games.

Space is not for wimps. It's certainly not just writing a check.