The sad thing is, you won't shoot the ball like that every night. He has to understand he has to do more than hit jumpers.

I think our kids learned something from this experience. Anytime you come on this level, and in this place, and lose by 14 and outscore them 41-32 after halftime, it shows we're not a team that's ever going to quit.

There's a lot of confusion about insurance, period. This is just going to add to it.

[Against Maryland] we didn't have much of a choice. It causes match-up problems that Maryland had to defend.

They put a lot of pressure on us and we didn't respond to it.

He didn't give a definitive answer and so I think that disappointed a lot of people.

I thought their defensive intensity in the first 11 or 12 minutes caused us a lot of problems. We didn't make shots and pretty much got away from our game plan. Anytime you play a team at this level and only score 13 points, you're not going to give yourself much of a chance.

Coming in, we knew he was a first- time [college] coach. Once he gets the right personnel, he'll do an excellent job.

He's still learning what to do in the system. He's used to getting up and down the floor. ... He's the kind of player we want to recruit here.