"The Honourable"

/name =Greg Hunt

/honorific-suffix ="Member of Parliament#Australia/MP"

/image =

/caption =

/office1 =Minister for Environment (Australia)/Minister for Environment

/term_start1 =18 September 2013

/term_end1 =

/primeminister1 =Tony Abbott

/predecessor1 =Mark Butler

/successor1 =

/constituency_MP2 =Division of Flinders/Flinders

/parliament2 =Australian

/majority2 =

/term_start2 =10 November 2001

/term_end2 =

/predecessor2 =Peter Reith

/successor2 =

/birth_date =

/birth_place =Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

/death_date =

/death_place =

/nationality =Australian

/party =Liberal Party of Australia

/spouse =

/relations =

/children =

/residence =

/alma_mater =

/occupation =

/profession =

/religion =

/signature =

/website =

/footnotes =


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We drew our inspiration from everyday stories.

This is an exciting international weather experiment that will provide valuable information to ultimately improve weather and climate forecasting.

We did the whole movie impromptu. We came up with a beginning, an ending and filled in the middle.

I think something plain and simple and not too busy. If you notice all these quarters here, we have a big depiction here, only have a small little quarter that we're going to be putting the design on.