"Greg Day" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey Forward (ice hockey)/forward currently playing for the Graz 99ers of the Austrian Hockey League (EBEL).

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It's not too serious. Windows XP has over 45 million lines of code and it would be an enormous job to rewrite from scratch. It's a case of better the devil you know.

McAfee hasn't put any pressure on them. It would surprise me to see anyone bullying them, because sharing code is all about trust and mutual consent.

It's an issue we've been working on. Every person has to protect their own space, but there's a lot of common sense in moving a security level up into the cloud.

We can't help but feel this is a hold-to-ransom rather than a goodwill gesture.

It's important to share samples with 100 percent faith, and that faith has yet to be proven in MARA. Groups share on a personal level, and that requires a build-up of trust over time.

This is not a critical issue for our customers, as this virus hasn't been seen in the wild. McAfee has a broad range of security products, many of which have behavioral controls which would be able stop an attack.