Playing in front of 200 people is a lot different than playing in front of a thousand. It takes you to another level of playing. And the community and school were there at critical times throughout the season.

I am extremely excited about the skill of this team. It could be one of the fastest teams I have ever had.

I'm drooling at the possibilities with my skill people right now. I'm just putting a lot of pressure on my offensive line coach.

He's going to be 225 (pounds) in a heartbeat. He's got that frame. He's very versatile. I think some people missed the boat on him.

Our conference is very competitive. We need to stay healthy, especially on the offensive line.

I think he wants to prove to some people that he can run at the Division I level.

The committee knows these kids are winners.

He knows that at the end of his football career, he's going to need to get a job, and that's something he wants to study.