We want there to be a little less conflict in the world.

With your video in the Internet Archive, you feel that you're leaving something for the future.

Now he is going to be a serious C-level celebrity, ... It's going to change his life, if not for the next 15 minutes, then for the next year.

It is without doubt the most effective swing training device I've ever seen.

But my promoter's done superbly well to get me this fight and I won't let him or my fans down.

Retro is one of the biggest retail trends of 2005. We have seen it in clothes and music; now it's the turn of confectionery to delve back in time.

Moore will get the shock of his life on September 23.

In general, we think that nature evolved this function to help us survive DNA damage that would otherwise kill us. It's probably a kind of damage that all cells encounter frequently in life.

I fought for the European title a couple of years ago and maybe this title shot should've come before that.