It's time to start debating (an end to the monarchy) now.

People want a say in who leads them.

There are no proposals to increase the number of loops or running lines. The biggest threat to freight is the loss of existing and future 60mph freight slots on the ECML.

Because of the issues that are involved, mainly as far as effective prevention is concerned, it often means targeting sex workers and their clients, intravenous drug users, men who have sex with other men.

Unfortunately, AIDS is one of those issues that because it is so morally complex, governments tend to be very reluctant to respond until the last minute.

It definitely helps us. Prince Charles is not popular at all. There's definitely a problem with him, and we'll take advantage of that.

I don't think that's going to be enough. You have to have something that would give the public some idea of what's coming up on the agenda other than just old business and new business.

And these are social groups which governments don't normally readily put on their agenda in terms of allocating resources for health care.