This is already the biggest betting Test series ever, with up to a record 50 million pounds riding on the outcome of the five-match series, and with the unprecedented interest in the outcome of the final match we are expecting cricket punters to bet over a million pounds in a single day for the first time as the game gets underway.

If these people didn't flaunt their weddings all over the place, then maybe there wouldn't be demand for others to do things like this.

Dr Fox's decision to run does not seem to have excited political punters.

We are left with a low-profile bunch of authors. This is an average rather than an extraordinary year.

We cannot now see beyond these five as serious candidates, despite having taken bets for some thirty contenders in all.

In one way, it's a good thing. In another, it's bad because you could easily get all 20 Premier League clubs in the next round and they could go on to dominate the competition.

This time last year, you could get 6-1 for Tiger to win the Open, but he is coming into this year's event bang in form and our customers are backing him as though defeat were out of the question, ... If he wins, the industry will take a multimillion-pound hit.

A few years ago this match would have been inconsequential but we now have clients in these markets and feel obliged to offer odds.

That result will cost us a six figure payout but we have done well out of the elimination of Italy, so there is a silver lining to the cloud.