Nothing short of a revolution will stop what has become a crisis of conscience and integrity for colleges and universities in this country.

Let there be no misunderstanding of our intention, ... Vanderbilt is committed to competing at the highest levels in the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA, but we intend on competing consistent with the values of a world-class university.

I must say that I could see in their eyes that they felt like they had crossed a Rubicon.

I'd already seen the kind of discipline and quality of effort that was being put into our program. I just felt very strongly that Bobby did not need to be looking to the rear view mirror as to whether the university administration was supporting him. He needed to look through the front window.

What has gratified me the most is the enthusiasm I have witnessed this week on campus and among our alumni and friends. No doubt that a winning team brings great credit to the university.

We intend on competing with the values of a world-class university.

Continue to surprise those who would put you in a neat demographic. Be insistently curious.

The issue that all of us face is that alumni love to have the institution frozen in amber. The truth of the matter is that for an institution to survive, it has to grow, to look at the world as it is rather than how they want it to be.