The PC industry is champing at the bit to provide downloaded movies that might compete with DVD sales, and Pay-TV services want to add movies to their video-on-demand services, to their new disk-drive-equipped set-top boxes, and to their emerging high-definition TV services.

Over the next two years, the guys making the technology are probably going to have a market. It won't be a lot of money, but there will be a market.

When my wife is watching 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' she often wants more information on things Thom (the show's 'Design Doctor') has been doing to an apartment.

AOL wants to be the CBS network of the Internet, ... They want to be a broadcaster. Two critical issues to them are offering compelling media content in an extremely convenient way.

Microsoft and Intel have tremendous clout.

The migration to next-generation high-definition optical disc formats is not going smoothly.

Broadband created a tipping point. Broadband is a fait accompli. There are just too many people using it to ignore, and these media companies are realizing that a PC is just another screen.

This deal is really exciting for the TV viewers, ... They'll be able to get whatever they want right off the TV. AOL won't be an Internet company, or even a media company, but (a) branded broadcast company.

It's very smart marketing.