He's the AD. He's not a lame duck, and he will make all of the decisions necessary.

If he's ready to retire, then it's time for him to retire. Change in leadership is always an ongoing part of any institution.

There's a real need for this here, ... Hopefully, we can send out people with the right tools in education to deal with the problems they find.

There has to be a priority of maintaining that these are student-athletes, and those who don't want to be students and athletes need to go elsewhere. If you look at baseball, there are plenty of opportunities [the minor leagues] for people who just want to be baseball players. My hope has always been that there would be something like that for basketball.

Jim and I have formed a great relationship. When the time is right for Jim to move on, then we'll have that discussion. Of course he's thought about retirement. That's something most people do when they get to a certain stage of their careers.

I don't want to have an interim [athletic director]. I want to be able to move from Jim to the new person.

I'm open, but at the same time, I think it's important to have experience so that the person that comes in is not in a training situation. I want the best person overall. So I would say my preference would be a sitting AD, but it's not a requirement.

As a graduate of both our undergraduate program and our school of law, she brings honor to SMU through this nomination and through her distinguished legal career.