John determined that he should resign after it became clear to him that, although I and a majority of our board members were supportive and encouraging, there would be insufficient support from the heads of the International Association of Machinists and the Air Line Pilots Association for him to succeed me as chairman and chief executive officer.

This agreement represents the wave of the aviation future, ... The economy and business have gone global; so have communications. Our customers tell us they need the same from us in transportation. No one carrier has the capability or resources to meet this demand alone.

This agreement heralds a new and promising era in aviation relations.

The restructuring Jim is setting into place is more than the usual shuffling of corporate titles and offices that often accompanies changes at the top. It is a strategic reorganization that focuses our senior-level talent on our top business goals.

We are encouraged by September's revenue strength and, unless the recent stock market volatility and uncertainty disrupts the general economy, we expect this strength to continue in the fourth quarter.

Getting help from the U.S. government to open markets to get the right to fly to other countries is important to us, ... The Clinton administration has done a fine job of doing this.

TWA is pleased to see St. Louis included as a potential new gateway to Asia.