Gerald Curtis
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"Gerald L. Curtis" is an American academic, a political scientist interested in comparative politics, Japanese politics and U.S.-Japan relations.

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One of his greatest opportunities now is to push agricultural reform.

He's elected a lot of people who are urban and reform-minded and not part of the old machine.

They had their shot and they blew it, ... The LDP was and still is ready to be overthrown — the problem is it's been overthrown by its own president rather than the opposition.

He basically accomplished the impossible, painting the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) as a party against change and the LDP as the party of reform.

He has no agenda, he just has slogans. The pressure to come up with a program of reforms is huge.

He wants to change the party so that it doesn't rely on the old factional political machines but becomes a more modern party that appeals based on policies.

He's accomplished the impossible, ... He's turned the DPJ ... into a party that's against change, and he's turned LDP, a party that's resisted (change), into the symbol of reform.

This election shows how Koizumi is in a league of his own in his political skills and media savvy. He did the impossible. He managed to convince the electorate that his party, which was opposed to his own reforms, was for change, and that the Democratic Party, which was a party founded for reform, was against change.