George Thorogood
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"George Thorogood" is an American blues rock musican from Wilmington, Delaware.

His "high-energy boogie-blues" sound became a staple of 1980s rock radio, with hits like his original songs "Bad to the Bone" and "I Drink Alone".} He has also helped popularize older songs by American icons, such as "Move It On Over (song)/Move It On Over," "Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley song)/Who Do You Love?" and "House Rent Boogie/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer", which became staples of classic rock radio.

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Get a Haircut.

The only reason I did it is because I needed a signature piece.

I liked all music when I was a kid: blues, rock 'n' roll, country and reggae. I don't think I can play (rock 'n' roll) any better or worse. I think it has to do with the songs I picked, the material I introduced to the mainstream.

I don't mind hearing new stuff if the new stuff is good. But if it's not good, then I just want to hear the old stuff. John Fogerty is going to be very hard pressed to write any more songs that are as good as 'Fortunate Son' and 'Green River' and 'Old Man Down The Road.' He's a hard act to follow. He's trying to follow himself.

I went after that sort of music. It's the best music I could play. I pretty much chose this music, not only out of passion but by a process of elimination.

We'd never be in this position if it weren't for our fans. They're the real reason we keep going and as long as they want us, we'll be there.

I take it that some of you people have heard this song before.