With home theater and media centers, there has been such an electronics boom within the last five years. But we're lacking behind in technology. Statistics show that 22 percent of new, upscale homes built now include a home theater. Yet builders here have no clue about these things or making homes more energy efficient. We're starting to educate builders and residents.

Age is the most terrible misfortune that can happen to any man; other evils will mend, this is every day getting worse.

The American watercolor scene today is about innovation and energy.

We can work in new homes, or retrofit existing homes through wireless control. We're making homes more fun, energy-efficient places to live. There's no one around here like us.

The United States has the most energetic watercolor scene in the world.

You touch a screen to turn off lights in a room or activate the alarm system. The home owner can also control the temperature of any room in the house. And it's all not much more expensive than standard lighting.