George J. Mitchell
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"George John Mitchell, Jr." is an American lawyer, businessman and politician. A Democratic Party (United States)/Democrat, Mitchell served as a United States United States Senate/Senator from Maine from 1980 to 1995 and as Party leaders of the United States Senate/Senate Majority Leader from 1989 to 1995.

Since retiring from the Senate, Mitchell has taken up a variety of positions in politics and business. He has taken a leading role in negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland peace process/Northern Ireland and the Peace process in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict/Middle East, being specifically appointed United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (1995–2001) by President Bill Clinton/Clinton and as United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009–2011) by President Barack Obama/Obama. He was a primary architect of the 1996 Mitchell Principles and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, and was the main investigator in two "Mitchell Reports", one on the Mitchell Report (Arab–Israeli conflict)/Arab–Israeli conflict (2001) and one on the Mitchell Report/use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball (2007).

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The outcome here is not assured, and so I think one must view it as a process that is an important step forward, and I think many, many important and difficult steps remain.

The addition of an entire new theme park adjacent to the current park will transform the site into a true multi-day destination resort.

There is no easy way.

I was about ready to quit, ... and he started licking my face to make me snap out of it. He knew I was going, but he wouldn't let me go.

Even the dogs in the street know that there will be no decommission, no possibility of decommission ... if this process fails.

I wouldn't put odds on it, but I really do think a settlement is going to happen.

We are aware of the complexity and the pain and the suffering, ... But we are determined to do what we can. We are determined to succeed, not to fail.

I strongly believe we're going to find that traffic is not a problem there, ... If there needs to be adjustments, adjustments will be made. Period.

I do not intend to resign from the Red Sox. I don't believe there's any reason for me to do so. If, in any way, anyone associated with the Red Sox is implicated, they will be treated just like everyone else.

It's going to be close, but I think he will prevail on Monday as he did today.

Today's action is the latest in a series of step we have taken to further strengthen Disney's corporate governance practices.