George Hudson
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"George Hudson" was an English railway financier who, because he controlled a significant part of the railway network in the 1840s, became known as "The Railway King" - a title conferred on him by Sydney Smith in 1844. Hudson played a significant role in linking London to Edinburgh by rail, carrying out the first major merging of railway companies (the Midland Railway) and represented Sunderland (UK Parliament constituency)/Sunderland in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom/House of Commons. Hudson’s success was built on dubious financial practices and he frequently paid shareholders out of capital rather than money the company had earned.

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The thing is a gigantic, humongous problem that the airlines don't want the general public to know about.

I'd like to know the future before I do any moves.

This is ridiculous. We're so much better than we've played the last six weeks. We just have to come out and try hard (tonight). We have to win one for the coach. We have to put it together for him.