This was a silly experiment. ... It has been well documented that great white sharks prefer brisket over bacon. These men had no business attempting such a dangerous experiment. I myself pioneered the study of great white shark food preferences and published the definitive work on the subject titled: Great White Shark Food Preferences: A definitive study.

Public officials are accountable. They do deliver the service. There's a way to get back to the individual.

[When asked what constituted a] shark attack, ... We count 'em all, if it involves a shark and a bite.

Barks at somebody walking by.

It's an odds game.

We've searched every possible area that we could find, that we know about, ... Right now ... it's like a needle in a haystack.

Indian Creek is a municipality.

We're not seeing more. Right now we're about on target for what our norm was last year.

Each year we would expect more attacks than the previous year based on the fact that the human populations grow, and there's more people entering the water.