They really can only give you a rough estimate over the phone.

If consumers just go through (some preliminary) steps, they aren't going to have all these other problems.

If your Rembrandt painting weighs ten pounds, you're going to get $6 for it if it's damaged or destroyed, ... not worth anything.

It's a major rehab of an old, rural neighborhood. It's now been updated to the (21st) century, so to speak.

I had to take down the signs and take the front off, which I did.

That was my intention.

One reason for this is succinate's broad utility - it can be used to make everything from noncorrosive airport de-icers and nontoxic solvents to plastics, drugs and food additives.

If the place looks like a million bucks, it's well-run, and the trucks are well-maintained, chances are they are going to treat your goods the same way. If it's a mess, the opposite is probably true.

A lot of the rogue movers you've heard about don't bother with legal logistics, so they probably won't have an authorization number.