That went a long way to helping our confidence. Anyone we face now probably won't be better than him. When you face someone like that, you probably won't face someone who throws harder.

Right now, they're hitting the ball a little better than I thought they would. We're scoring runs because we're getting timely hits. It seems that we've had one or two innings where we've scored all our runs.

I think the team has potential. Our pitching looks pretty good and defense looks pretty good, which is the way we usually win games.

It was a good spot because the game wasn't on the line at that point. It wasn't like if he made an out we would lose. Even if he didn't get the hit, we'd still have the lead.

Even though it looked like an easy game, he went deep into the count on a lot of hitters. But he threw a strike when he had to.

That was big. That really gave us a cushion. If you have just a one-run game, it changes the whole game. It changes the strategy for both teams.

You rely on senior hitters to do their job.