We didn't handle the pressure very well. And then they hit big free throws down the stretch and we missed some - that really was the game. But I think our kids learned a lot about ball pressure.

We've had so many games where we just can't seem to finish at the end. Kennedy's press bothered us at the end and they had three consecutive steals that gave them their momentum.

We're sorry. We need to treat our visitors with class. But at the same time it's 105,000 people in a highly emotionally charged time frame. And there were a lot of Texas fans who had a great experience.

You always want to be the biggest and the best.

I'm obviously not happy that it's going to leave Sun Devil Stadium. Sun Devil Stadium is the place for the Fiesta Bowl, but I understand why that decision was made. So it's going to be nice to be a part of this. Hopefully we can make it a memorable one.

It was our most complete game of the season. Our kids played a great game against a very good Granite Bay team.

None of that high-tech stuff.

I think I can be a good mayor. I'm old enough where I should be a stabilizing influence.

We are going to mix it up, ... One day a hole might play at 207 yards; the next day we might move the tee up so it's only playing 158.