"Gene Miller" (1928–2005) was a longtime investigative reporter at The Miami Herald who won two Pulitzer Prizes for reporting that helped save innocent men on Florida's Death Row from execution. He was also a legendary editor, mentoring generations of young reporters in how to write crisp, direct, and entertaining stories. When he died of cancer in 2005, the Herald called him "the soul and the conscience of our newsroom."

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They'll come to us and say we need this, we need that. Any group of school supporters that wants to come to the administration and board of education are encouraged to come to us.

In lieu of not building buildings, we do not have a choice, We are adding 1,000 students per year. We need to be building three schools every two years, and we are not even coming close to that.

It looks like it will work out pretty great.

If we just do this, by 2015 we would still need 200 to 300 mobile units. We would probably need 700 to 800 if we don't do anything. Then we would have to figure out where to put them.

It's an old building. It's not handicapped accessible. It's 1950-something. The media center is underground. It has water problems.

Principals have made alternate arrangements. Some are in media centers and some are doubled up in what would be places like art rooms, music rooms.

Any additional numbers cause us capacity problems. Twenty more students is another classroom somewhere.

The project starts as soon as school is out. We will move them (the mobile units) in when school is out.

We would design it here in Stafford, pre-build it here and assemble it at the hospital.