The kids are excited about this win. (Gloucester) beat us twice last year. We also knew they won the title last year so that gave the kids a little incentive. Beating them is great for this program. Gloucester is a great team with a great coach. We can't wait for the rematch (Feb 9th.) It should be a good one.

We really played up to the challenge against a great Gloucester team. When we play under control, this team is tough to beat.

We boxed out very well, holding St. Mary's to usually just one shot when they had the ball. The girls continue to amaze me with the intensity that they show on defense. And that 11-0 run to begin the game was the turning point. We also really weren't in any foul trouble.

We knew that we had to be balanced, and we hit some outside shots that allowed us to get the ball inside.

It was good to get all the girls playing time and see them all gain.

English fought right to the end like they've done all season.

I felt like it got away from us a bit at the end of the half. So we came out and talked about playing hard for the last 16 minutes.

We played solid defense in the first half. The girls are playing very well together and we got very balanced scoring.

I thought that was the best defensive game we've had all year.