Things just changed. I liked it. I even went to a store and bought a pair of orange cords.

Coach Groh talked about my toughness a lot. He said he saw that when he watched my game film and really liked it.

On the Coast you're going to have thousands of homeowners that want to rebuild. If the home is gone, there's nothing to elevate, so we're making the argument that they should pay for the foundation and a portion of the cost of the new house.

I looked a little bit deeper into the school part and realized I was overlooking that. It was a tough decision but I had to look past football. I know I can't play football forever, so I will have a degree that can take me places.

I think it's good for the players. I don't see the events as really competing against each other; it's more like they're working in conjunction. I wouldn't mind if the same thing occurred in more places.

At South Carolina, I hung out mostly with my host and that was it. But all of Virginia's players hung out with us. They all hung out together like a big family. They're cool guys.

We feel that we're very close to getting resolution and we are waiting for those policy memos from FEMA, in writing, to say yes, in fact, that's the case.

We don't want them to evacuate the Coast, if you will, and be replaced with high-rise condominiums.

The frustration level is not uncommon. The not knowing and not having the answers is frustrating. Disaster victims just don't know what to expect.