Ah, but everyone knows the ending.

Cycling continues to be an important part of OLN programming. With Lance Armstrong's retirement, fans are eagerly waiting to see who will emerge as the sport's next star. Through our coverage of the spring classics, we will be able to chronicle the drama leading up to, and including, the Tour de France.

People didn't really watch us because we were outdoors, people watched us because there was dramatic activity going on. Like the Davis Cup, which takes place in the outdoors, but it really isn't an outdoor sport.

I think we can bring a focus to (hockey) and storytelling and coverage that will be something new. We're optimistic about growing the sport.

We're all about outdoor sports, and we're not only building on that but also opening it up to other competitive sports and other activities.

Hockey will be a marquee sport for the network. Adding hockey to our lineup when the NHL returns to the ice with a fresh season, new energy, new players and new attitude adds tremendous value to OLN.

It seemed like the time to make the break with the past and build on the new positioning.

We've been improving OLN consistently and relatively under the radar for the past couple of years.

We love the fact Lance has brought so many eyeballs and attention to the sport of cycling. But it's not just Lance.