What I would see him doing is lobbying. He could be an impressive resource for defense contractors in the state. I don't believe he will be a pariah because of the nature of the crime.

It's pretty hard to go back to the dawn of time, when this whole thing seemed to have started. In fairness, you have to pick it up where it is and make judgments on whether you think it should go forward. And we decided that yes, it should.

I would say we're looking at an incumbent who is probably one of the most vulnerable in Connecticut and in the Northeast. I do think it is a referendum on the war.

The teams are making a major commitment to being in New Jersey. The fact that they're committing to stay in New Jersey is very important.

It was my conception. It was a concept that had been kicking around for a while.

It can be detrimental to connect too closely to an unpopular president, particularly in a moderate district.