Gary Rhodes
FameRank: 5

"Gary Rhodes" Order of the British Empire/OBE is an English restaurateur, Food writing/cookery writer, and chef, known for his love of British cuisine and distinctive spiked hair style (which has since been shaved off).

He has fronted shows such as MasterChef (UK TV series)/MasterChef, MasterChef USA, Hell's Kitchen (UK TV series)/Hell's Kitchen, and his own series, Rhodes Around Britain. In 2006 he competed to represent the South of England in the BBC's Great British Menu, but lost to Atul Kochhar.

As well as owning four restaurants, Rhodes also has his own line of Cookware and bakeware/cookware and bread mixes.

Rhodes can now be seen on the new ITV1 programme Saturday Cooks, as well as the UKTV Food show Local Food Hero and in television adverts for Flora margarine, some of which featured him "driving a van topped with a giant styrofoam crumpet" which were banned.

More Gary Rhodes on Wikipedia.

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