We don't have any assurance that the Indians or the Pakistanis have such systems.

Workable nuclear design.

Unless Dubai is willing to impose restrictions on what Iran can buy, there's no hope of stopping the Iranian bomb program.

The big question about Pakistan is whether its chaotic political system will produce a failed state, where nobody is sure who's in control of its nuclear arsenal.

We ought to have some resolution of this matter. Instead, there just seems to be a sweeping -- there seems to be a policy of sweeping it under the rug.

What the tapes show is that between the first gulf war and the second gulf war, Saddam Hussein had not lost his appetite for, or interest in, weapons of mass destruction. To the contrary, he was almost obsessed by them.

The definitions of those terms -- 'mass-market status' and 'foreign availability' -- are so sweeping that they would essentially command the secretary of commerce to decontrol a tremendous amount of sensitive equipment, ... I don't see any need for that.