It seems to me that states ought to be able to have laws to protect the citizens of their state. I don't see where the Coast Guard should have the right to say 'No, you can't'.

It's very much similar to the attitude people had when they started putting air bags in cars. Oh, it'll drive the price of the cars up. People won't want to pay that. But we have air bags in cars and lives are being saved because of it.

This is still a pretty raw team. I still don't think we're where we need to be in terms of jelling, but the energy and enthusiasm is helping us until we get there.

Most of the riders up there are locals.

I haven't heard back from Sheriff Mitchell yet, ... He's checking into it.

Over 90 percent of patients with APL are cured because of overall treatment of chemotherapy and retinoic acid, ... If you're cured, you're cured, but if it would happen to relapse, another arsenic derivative can be used as treatment to cure the disease the second time around.

It is an excellent treatment for acute promyelocytic leukemia, and has dramatically improved the cure rate and survival rate for patients with this disease. It also appears to prevent recurrence of head and neck cancer in those patients that have been treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

I know more than I ever wanted to (about GMOs). I'm perplexed at why we are here even talking about this.

It is common among all ethnicities and is equally common among males and females.