It's more than I ever though it would be. My dream was to stand on that stage and sing, and that's just icing on the cake now.

Because we're out there just beating the street and on tour and working so hard, you forget that award shows are even coming up because it's just about giving back to the fans. To see all your hard work pay off and have the academy nominate you and your peers think enough of you to have your name put in a category is just awesome.

Thank you to Joe Henry and Doug Johnson for writing an amazing song. We were so humbled to be the ones to have done it.

We all had our heroes. If we've jumped into that position for somebody wanting to be an artist, we'll take it.

We spend so much time and effort trying to write the best songs that we can write and pick the best songs that we can. Everything we are as humans at that time is put on tape.

It was really cool to do American Idol . That's a lot of folks sitting there, listening to country music.

When we first got together, we didn't talk about who was going to sing what. We did 'Church on Cumberland Road' and it was undeniable when we hit that first chorus. We felt like we had to do it. We felt like it was ordained.

We've contributed a little to bringing people from the hip-hop world, the R&B world and the straight-up rock world into country music. It's win-win for everybody. I think country music people are too hard on saying what's country and what's not country.

We have been so blessed since we moved to town. The response from Nashville to this show has been so tremendous that we decided we wanted to give something back to the community.