I'm glad the weather has changed today. It has been the most challenging disasters we have ever dealt with, not just in this region, but in the whole United States.

Right now we're not a very good football team and it's my fault. It all starts with me.

At the end of the year we only had one guy who was with us to start the season. When that many guys get moved up you know there are some things going on (with other teams in the organization).

I thought we played pretty well. I was pleased with our effort.

This place is going to look like Little Somalia. We're going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.

For most of them, Christmas is not a good day. For some of them, Christmas is the worst day, because they're not with their family.

Long before 'having it all' was a statement that women made, Vivi was that woman.

What's lower than writing a man a ticket for sleeping on the street? If he had somewhere else to go, don't you think he'd be there?