"Gary G. Friedman" is the chairman and chief executive officer of home furnishings retailer Restoration Hardware, Inc.

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We have assigned the spaces and provided groups of tailgaters with the opportunity to park together. This guarantees groups of tailgaters the chance to park together without needing to hold parking spots. With additional signage added to the lots, finding your parking location is made easier, thus improving traffic flow inside the lot.

Some are trying to assert some control over their lives.

His own beliefs about Judaism are not consistent with Judaism. He is challenging Jewish law—that is blatantly insincere.

They have a dietary standard that they take from the Old Testament—the Torah. It's quasi-kosher: no pork, no shellfish, no mixing of milk and meat. If the white supremacists are from that denomination, they may have a bona fide religious practice and I have to support it. It gave them an opportunity to meet three times a day.

Users of high-priced cards should pay high charges if they want their frequent flier miles and other perquisites. But consumers should be able to avoid those charges if they choose, by using low-priced cards.