"Gary Dubin" is an actor who portrayed Punky Lazaar, a friend of Danny's on The Partridge Family. He also voiced Toulouse (Kitten) in The Aristocats in 1970 and played part of ill-fated teenager Eddie Marchand who was eaten by the shark in Jaws 2. Dubin played a runaway boy on Green Acres in 1968.

He has also acted in many other projects. Most recently he finished filming Rock Barnes: The Emperor in You.

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Our strategy is to focus on women to try to prevent cervical cancer in the most cost effective way. We intend to seek licensure for a broad age range.

For our cervical cancer vaccine we pursued the objective of inducing a strong immune response and protection that lasts. We are encouraged by a sustained enhanced antibody response we saw with an HPV vaccine formulated with our novel adjuvant.

The concentrations of antibodies to the virus were twice as high in the bloodstreams of the young girls.