Gary Barnett
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"Gary Barnett" is a former American football player and coach. He served as the head coach at Fort Lewis College (1982–1983), Northwestern University (1992–1998), and the University of Colorado at Boulder (1999–2005), compiling a career college football record of 92–94–2. His 1995 Northwestern Wildcats football team/1995 Northwestern team won the Big Ten Conference title, the first for the program since 1936, and played in the school's first 1996 Rose Bowl/Rose Bowl since 1949. At Colorado, Barnett was suspended briefly in the 2004 offseason due to events stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct by several members of the football team.

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'Whoever wins this division is going to have to play well on the road and play well in the South, ... This game represents a big opportunity for both teams.

I voted Texas No. 1 all season, and they did nothing to change my vote.

I think she was a distraction, because at the end of practice we would have 20 media members there to talk to a walk-on kicker who couldn't kick it through the uprights, ... That was an issue.

He's a gamer, ... He's a versatile runner with the ability to run between tackles and with the speed to get outside.

[Bad publicity, it's further argued, is publicity nonetheless.] What other sport do they sit around and talk about for all 12 months? ... They do it because of the BCS.

Frankly, if you've been in this business long enough, you sort of know, ... Everyone knows where we are in this situation. I don't have to provide further education in that deal, and Mike has stated publicly where he is. So, you go about doing your stuff and that's all there is to it.

This is a valuable contribution to the Linux community that will help open-source developers benefit from Novell's research to create a better, more user-friendly desktop, ... Usability is a key requirement in order to drive the Linux desktop into the mainstream. This ... will help break down some of the barriers to mainstream Linux adoption on the desktop.

That's what I need to do - become a complete playmaker, make plays happen from here on out. But I think I'm getting better as each game goes along.

This is right up there for me.