(Myrick) is something else and he?s been doing that all year.

We just have to keep our focus and stay disciplined. We were disciplined last season, but not as disciplined as we needed to be. We want to do the same things we did today: run, run, run with the ball and play defense for 94 feet.

I?m excited. I can?t wait to play the basketball game. We know at this time of year, it?s one and done. You have to put it all on the line all the time.

I felt like we would make it to the national championship game. I don?t think it has hit me yet.

It hurt not having them in there. I told the players to hold their heads up high. I am real proud of them. But this is tough. This is another game we should have won.

If we play our game, we should be OK.

I think our conditioning played a big part today. We knew if we kept the pace up, we would wear them down -- and I think we did. I think a lot of credit for that goes to our bench. I think the pressure they brought turned the game around in our favor.

That?s our goal -- to make the tournament. We?re almost there. We?re so close, it is surreal. I felt like we had to win this tournament to make sure we were in.