"Gail Porter" is a Scottish people/Scottish television presenter and former model. In the 1990s she became known for photos in men's magazines such as FHM, including one nude which was projected on to the Houses of Parliament. She moved into television, becoming a presenter on British TV. Her modelling was affected by alopecia, which sometimes resulted in almost total loss of her hair.

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I've never seen anything like that in my life.

I was worried how it would change our relationship but James has been absolutely fantastic. He even thinks my bald head is quite cute.

We basically started by going outside shooting. I told the boys that I wanted them to capture images of themselves that express who they are as portraits, without including their faces.

Usually I trundle about in trainers and baggy jeans, looking about as attractive as a potato.

In a way, shaving my head feels like a new beginning to me.

We shaved it off in a graveyard in America - could it get any weirder than that?