Fred Perry
FameRank: 8


/ FrenchOpenresult= "W" (1935 French Championships - Men's Singles/1935)

/ Wimbledonresult= "W" (1934 Wimbledon Championships - Men's Singles/1934, 1935 Wimbledon Championships - Men's Singles/1935, 1936 Wimbledon Championships - Men's Singles/1936)

/ USOpenresult= "W" (1933 U.S. National Championships - Men's Singles/1933, 1934 U.S. National Championships - Men's Singles/1934, 1936 U.S. National Championships - Men's Singles/1936)

/ Promajors = yes

/ USProresult = "W" (U.S. Pro Tennis Championships#1938/1938, U.S. Pro Tennis Championships#1941/1941)

/ WembleyProresult = QF (Wembley Championship#1951/1951, Wembley Championship#1952/1952)

/ FrenchProresult =

/ WimbledonProresult =

/ TOCresult =

/ doublesrecord =

/ doublestitles =

/ highestdoublesranking =

/ grandslamsdoublesresults = Yes

/ AustralianOpenDoublesresult = "W" (1934)

/ FrenchOpenDoublesresult = "W" (1933)

/ WimbledonDoublesresult =

/ USOpenDoublesresult =

/ OthertournamentsDoubles =

/ MastersCupDoublesresult =

/ Mixed =

/ mixedtitles =

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He put a lot of dedication into this season. He went out to Iowa in the off-season ... he was all hard work and effort.

He worked real hard in the off-season and went to camps. It got him a spot in the lineup this year.

With the statue and gates with my name, it's all a great thrill. People are now saying ' I'll meet you at the Perry statue'. It's a strange feeling, makes you feel a little queasy. It's a beautifully-done statue. People don't know how I used to be, they only know me as I am now.

A spot opened up on the varsity and he took it. He showed me a lot.

It's a very nostalgic place. I've had a love affair with Wimbledon ever since I can remember. It stays with you.

He wasn't one of the captains, but he showed a lot of leadership in the room this year. And I think it helped him, also.

I was always a believer in stamping on my opponent if I got him down, at Wimbledon or anywhere else. I never wanted to give him the chance to get up. If I could have beaten him six-minus-one instead of six-love I would.

I didn't aspire to be a good sport; 'champion' was good enough for me.

There must be room for collaboration in some of the things we do without changing the competitive nature of the market and without compromising either institution.

We will try to pick up coverage of Weymouth if there is a void. Our broadcast license demands we do that if there is a void. We will pick up Braintree coverage as well.

We will have to hire another news reporter and another salesman. We do feel there will be a scattering of the radio audience when WJDS moves on. Some will go listen to Boston radio stations. There is room for everyone in this forest.

We will never be able to replicate what WJDA did, but we will try to do our best.

It's a nice thing to get. They're quite discriminating in who they choose for the award, so it's an honor.

She has played in so many tournaments that she has been under fire. She is so good at taking advantage of an opponent's weakness. She will hit the ball several times because she wants to finish the point, not rush through it.

It isn't all that different with her than with the boys. I don't find it any different than coaching the boys, and I think it is because we don't cut her any breaks.

Annie's following in her sister's footsteps.