We base our philosophy on defense. You win with defense. You get rewarded by defense.

They love to play on that Mount Vernon floor with the Bulldog right there.

The full potential of the digital format has not yet been explored. During 2006, look for market players to team with specialist providers to offer complete solutions for viewing, editing, capturing, storage, sharing, and printing.

Because they provide the grant money, they also control the construction of any work that happens in the courthouse and they basically tell us what we get to do.

It's inevitable that many of the camera manufacturers in the market today will be either bought up or go out of business.

People involved in printing are looking for people to do more with their pictures than print 4x6 photos. Making calendars, greeting cards, etc. are another way to monetize images, with good profit margin opportunities.

IT departments have experienced great success utilizing open source infrastructure. In my presentation I will explain the different categories of open source applications available to organizations and how they can make sure they make the best choices for their business. Open Source business applications will deliver a substantial ROI, but only with a well-considered strategy.

We want to ensure that PG&E pays all of the legitimate claims that it receives.

The marketplace for digital still cameras is starting to mature.

Cameras, I believe, are moving from the wired world towards the wireless world. It's not going to happen this year but, starting next year, you're going to definitely see some more cameras coming that incorporate wireless-transfer capabilities.

I think it is pretty cool. It's a nice vision of the future. It takes images beyond ? to take advantage of the bits and bytes.