It varies according to how the deed is worded.

No one is getting paid for it. We're just trying to do what we can to help the people up in that area.

I inhale the words and form a picture in my mind and try to sing the picture.

Would you please just give in and let the baby go, give her a chance at life. There's a better way out of this.

I'm one of those rare birds that's in the Clearwater Jazz Holiday hall of fame, ... It's a great tradition. It's been great to watch it morph and grow.

We believe in the need to have a safe building. We have a safe room that's practically a vault -- it's reinforced with 2 feet of concrete all the way around.

I just play every day ? always did.

The interpretation of the deeds will set the tone in Kansas.

The Class 5 rating we have now will work well with this project. We have very little down time for the wind we have now. Right now San Isabel is behind us 100 percent in helping us get a pilot purchase agreement prepared.

Their job primarily is going to be to assess several areas needing special attention.

We need to be looking at some of this. We know we can't make things go away immediately.

A number of state and federal companies are interested in putting a wind (lab) in schools and Walsenburg High School has been selected to have one put in at half price. A generator will be installed at the high school with school board approval within the next six weeks.

It's been a good 10 years that we've been going at it. This ruling will help move the development along and get rid of a lot of the nervousness about the other phases of the project.

We think it's very positive.