We're hitting the lows right now but we'll definitely bounce back. We've got too many guys with character in our side. We didn't play well tonight, we made a lot of mistakes and that cost us.

We don't think about that. We focus on our game and what we have to do to be successful and today we just didn't create pressure because we made too many mistakes. We just couldn't keep the ball and recycle it.

I know that one good performance that will turn our season around is just around the corner.

That's definitely an area (forward play) of strength for us. Wherever you gain advantage on the field you should make use of it.

They would have done their homework and it will be a tough battle up front. Yes, we will focus on the set pieces and see what advantage we can get there, but there are other aspects to the game.

Fortunately we picked up no further serious injuries and a number of guys came back into the fold to strengthen the squad.

We have had to prepare plans for all eventualities.

We thought he would recover and it looked good. But at training on Monday the injury was aggravated again, and we had no choice but to send him home.

There's no doubt that our backs had plenty of opportunities thus far in the tournament.