We moved down here to get away from big-city life.

It's hard to put it all in one basket because you want to let other people do other things.

I think it's a major success story, especially when you think of the downside. Securing it is good news and I'm thrilled. It was amazingly difficult, much more than I imagined. There were some down times and I worried about it going first to Shanghai and then to Doha, but we had good people working hard to get the right result.

This new initiative at the U.S. Open reinforces our outgoing commitment to recognize the talents of those competing in wheelchair tennis at the highest levels.

Whoever wins, I just hope they do the right thing.

To lose a major tournament, it's quite compelling.

It's all open to negotiate until we can look at the tournament and what we can do to improve the profitability, ... So what our percentage (of ownership is) will all be determined.

If you didn't see the signs, ... you might not know there was an election.

The Pacific Life Open is one of the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments with a significant profile in the U.S. sports landscape.