Many around the world are enduring these hardships simply because they practice their faith. They endure mostly in silence and away from the public spotlight and with little hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Progress is being made. The American people need to know that, ... Mistakes have been made, too, and I believe the American public is an understanding public and are willing to forgive as mistakes are acknowledged.

Starvation is that government's weapon of choice liberally spiced with high-altitude bombing, mass murder and even selling Sudanese boys and girls as slaves.

You have to ban it all.

Mueller is changing the culture, ... He's changing attitudes.

Serious and continuing issue of runway incursions.

Sen. Brownback went off to one direction. I drove into another direction. Another group went into another direction. We went up and down the camps and just kinda left people -- and finally got alone. Then in three of the camps, there were no minders with us.

This nation was founded by men and women who wanted nothing more than freedom to practice their faith without government opposition, ... If we don't stand up for the religious rights of people around the world, who will?

This should be a working conference bringing together technical experts, airlines, controllers, airport officials, private pilots, to come up with focused recommendations for reducing runway incursions and a realistic schedule and a realistic budget to carry out those recommendations.