This is amazing stuff. People don't get the chance to be in the presence of these documents that often.

The council wants to thank and praise these men for their courageous actions, ... This story makes it apparent that this crew has a remarkable sense of teamwork and the personal integrity to risk their own safety for one another and the community.

We are honored to be recognized for excellence in the area of public awareness.

I was surprised, I thought they were going down.

Job performance in any way.

We're not interested in keeping the property, ... The whole concept is to get it, correct all these problems and (resell) it.

This crew has a history of working as a team, but the teamwork they showed Aug. 17 was extraordinary and probably saved a deputy's life.

These awards simply reaffirm that the city is a community that strives to provide the best possible services for all its residents.

We are particularly proud of Outlook, ... Many of our sections are dedicated to informing our citizens about city involvement, projects and programs (that) make them feel good about living in Lancaster.